Teacher Yoga Tibetan Meditation Медитация מדיטציה

Yin Yang In Harmony
We produce organic Dharma.

Contact 052-871-4993 / Victoria, Master of Traditional Chinese&Japanese Healing and Martial Arts.

Remote training

Haifa Israel
Greetings & Salutations!

for the first time the systematic study of Yungdrung Bon, the
Eternal Dharma, including its teachings, meditations, and practices (lta
sgom spyod gsum).
Yoga Mind Meditator
Medical Doctor TCM Founder of Martial Art School

Meditation in Medical Practices, Qigung Tai Chi Instructor Cyber


Teacher/Tutor (Jan, 2018 - Jan, 2019) from Ligmincha Institute

Therapeutic Yoga (Jan, 2015 - Jan, 2016) from Broshim College

Master of Arts (Jan, 2005 - Jan, 2008) from University of Haifa

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (Jan, 2009-2013) International College of Chinese Medicine

Practice Groups

Connecting more fully to ourselves, we connect more fully to life.

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